Friday, September 13, 2013

William Lee Rand Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2 September 14 & 15

Passionate about learning reiki?

Learn how to release any emotional blocks that bind you to behavior patterns, so you can move forward freely and fearlessly, in all spheres of your life, everyday...

Usui Reiki Levels 1&2 (Lineage: Living Reiki Master William Lee Rand, USA )
Dates: September 14-15, from 10am-4pm
Venue: G-4, Peace Court Apartments, Street 1, Umanagar,
Begumpet, Hyderabad 
Landmark: behind The Country Club

Reiki Master - Vira Komarraju

Lunch provided, alongwith Usui Reiki Handbook by William Lee Rand and Reiki Levels 1&2 Certificate

Energy exchange: Rs.6000/- 

To attend, Call: +91 98490 29270

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What happened? What's happening!

Today, 15 months later I've revisited my blog. Physical absenteeism - played hookey: I'm back.

Today, I met a dear friend after a length of time: years rolled back - we were 'those young women' of more than a decade ago. Nineteen-to-the-dozen conversation, exchanging notes...more! exchanging loving feelings and thoughts :) i felt elated, rejuvenated, energized. dear friend, let's meet more often!

Time and love have no boundaries, limitless - and the best thing is, we can capture love in every moment of time.

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's May 2012! Five months and Seven sessions later...

Oops! Five months off the blog scene. Okay, I've been  busy with healing sessions, reiki training session for Reiki Level 1&2, Advanced Reiki Training and...MORE EXCITING ACTIVITIES...

On April 1 (the best Fool's Day :) I took my first Reiki Level 1 class for CHILDREN!!! It was the most rewarding of all experiences, EVER. The children loved it and so did I. Their zest, enthusiasm, and positivity is exciting and infectious. They're so FREE in their thought and expression and eager to learn and practice.

April 29-30 were two wonderful days of learning for me! I took my KARUNA REIKI mastership and began healing right away :) with feedback of positive results from the 'healees'! William Lee Rand's Karuna Reiki Practitioner's Level I can be learned after you've completed your Advanced Reiki Training (3A - Reiki Mastership as it's called in India).

May 12-13 I took the Reiki Level 1&2 for three doctors (2 of medicine & 1 of philosophy of sociology)...Healing, releasing, energizing sessions. They learnt to heal, energize and shielf themselves, others, as well as spaces, situations, relationships in two fun-filled yet profound days!

May end comes the next round of Reiki Level 1&2 training sessions. Interested? You can mail me

Lots of reiki light and love,


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas with Reiki sessions Level 1&2

I'd thought on Christmas eve and Christmas day not a sould would want to receive reiki ... but Santa had other plans :)

Santa brought the gift of reiki into the lives of those at the reiki classes on December 24 and 25... three students enjoyed harnessing the magic of reiki in their lives - shedding, releasing, healing and energizing themselves inside out!

I invite them to share their experiences here about reiki so others can gain as well!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Reiki Refresher Session December Eleventh - 11-11-2011 :)

It seems like a long time since I penned activities on my blog. I had two reiki training level 1&2 sessions in November and an Advanced Reiki Training on December 10.

The BEST EVER is the Reiki Refresher Session on December 11. We were a group of 15 that got together - some Returnees,some Level 1s and a few who had no experience about reiki at all. I invite them to share their experience here in the next few days...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Express my Gratitude to my Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides, and Earthly Gurus ...

To the Ascended Masters, to my Spiritual Guides, to my earthly Gurus...

I thank you in all sincerity for being there in my life, in my space, guiding me on my path, as always.

Today, I am with, and I hold greater awareness of my life purpose, in this eathly experience.

I am. I go deep within, looking, perceiving, and realizing; the answers are within me all the time. I just am now more aware.

The human dimension fades, melts, comes into sharper focus. I realize: my spirit has a purpose in this human experience.

I am born with compassion. I come from eternal love and eternal compassion. It is my life's purpose to help others realize this simple yet seemingly elusive truth. The ALL fades before the one spirit. ALL is but one spark of divine consciousness. Brahma. Brahmand. Brahma-anand. The pure, eternal joy. Joy ineffable. I am in it. In pure silence. I swim, float, and dive into this purest of experiences. All else is a perception. A manifestation of the human artiste - a MAYA.

I ...
am a human experience
do the bidding of my human roles with joy
belong to each and every one in creation
am infinite joy
am a channel of divine energy
guide others in realizing their true nature
live in divine, eternal, infinite JOY.

I thank my earthly guides for being there in my life. For guiding me and being guided in turn. We belong eternally, we meet, we part. That is the way of life's journey. Journeymen towards our individual goals.

I walk my path in eternal silence. I am within myself. I am aware. Silent. Joyful. Observant. Natural. Accepting.

I am  bliss absolute.